Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Small introduction of myself!

Name : Teh Siew Aun Juhann
Nickname : Juhann
Age: 22
Date Of Birth : 28th August 1991
Student ID : 0904JH87967
University: Taylor's Lakeside Campus
Nationality : Malaysian
Hobbies : Computer game and Basketball
E-mail : juhannteh@hotmail.com / crabyking@hotmail.com

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just for you Mr. Devindren! =)

During my final semester, I took up a subject called Hotel Planning & Design. For this subject, I had a group assignment which required me to work on an AutoCAD drawing with a few of my classmates as a group assignment.

For me to finish this assignment, it required me to use a few of Taylor's Graduate Capabilities such as "Thinking and Problem Solving skills", "Communication Skills", "Interpersonal Skills" and finally, "Digital Literacy".

The most difficult part on working in a group is having the same perspective of the type of restaurant we want to design. This had consumed a lot of our time and resulted in very little time to complete the assignment. On the other hand, the best part about working in a group is that different ideas will sprout and the design of the hotel will be more innovative. Furthermore, the work load is less as it is divided among the five of us.

As a leader of the group, it was fun working with everyone as there was good teamwork. The workload was divided equally based on each individuals capabilities. Although the work teamwork was good, I feel that if I was given a second chance to work on this assignment, I could have done better. Deciding on the final design of the restaurant sooner will be the first thing that I will work on.

Working with these few people has a new opening to me. I was able to see the attitudes and work styles of different people and how to interact with them as to not offend them or to look down upon them. It also helped me to understand that there are many ways of working and I have to be able to adept to each one of them.

The part of the assignment I did very well is handling the AutoCAD system. I had a lot of fun in the AutoCAD classes and was able to catch on to the program quite smoothly. This in turn helped me when it came to drawing the floor plan of the restaurant. My weakest point was writing the report. This was difficult for me as I lack motivation to write reports.

In conclusion, the Taylor's Graduate Capabilities has helped me in this assignment and also prepared me for my future career. Thinking and Problem Solving skills was required when it came to thinking up of a floor plan and making sure that it is outstanding compared to my classmates. Communication Skills came in handy when I had to interact with my group mates when doing the assignment. This will help me improve my communication skills with my fellow colleagues in the future. Finally, Digital Literacy came in handy when learning and using the AutoCAD system. This was a new program for all of us and being able to handle the computer fairly well helped me in understanding this program at an above average speed. Although this may not be essential for me in my future career, it will still be something which I can use in my resume as a "Basic Understand of AutoCAD"